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Endless love

Who do you love more than your kids? No, not your husband or wife! What about your furry four-legged friends? Our pets are always there to shower us with endless amounts of love and are often forgotten when it comes to our family portraits.

Call us to arrange a session with you and your "best friend" and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a pet-friendly charity of your choice.

Now we just want to show off our kids :)

"The look of love" Richard and Kara

Richard and Brandon have been buddies since elementary school. Kara knew exactly what she wanted with her engagement pictures and had great ideas. She made our job very easy. We went to the always awesome Key Biscayne for a little afternoon/sunset shoot. The couple had a lot of spectators, the park was full of tourists and locals. It was obvious these two were in love. They exuded a strong bond and love for each other. It's so nice to see true love in a couple and once again, it makes our job that much easier. Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon! We can't wait for the wedding! Congratulations to Mr. and future Mrs. Cooper :)

Slightly obsessed with this image. Definitely makes the top 5 favorite images.
Can't get enough of this image.
A beautiful afternoon as the sun begins to set.
As described on our Facebook page, "the look of love."
We love this image!

Sweet 16 madness

Two "Sweet 16" photo shoots almost back to back! Boy, are we lucky! Debbie hired us to take pictures of her daughter, Taylor's uber posh sweet 16 bash the night of New Year's. Sweet 16 parties have come a long way thanks to the MTV hit reality show, Sweet 16. Taylor's party was no exception. This was the ultimate girly party adorned with hot pink feathers and candles. It was beautiful... or should I say, FABULOUS! This party was also being documented by a reality show so there was lots going on (more details of that to follow)...
Thank you Ouellette family! We had an absolute BLAST at the party and thank you for making us feel like part of the family. Happy New Years to the Ouellette family and to all of you! May this year be the brightest, happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous year yet!

How cute is this? This is what it's all about!
Who doesn't love colored sprinkles? Yummy!
Love this moment!
Too cute!
Here comes Taylor!

Derrick girls round 2

We love repeat clients because it is the ultimate compliment! The Derrick girls, mom and daughter, had a little fun at the Deering Estate with us. This was to honor Kayla's upcoming sweetest 16th birthday. The first, second and final photograph are one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken. The lighting and atmosphere were perfect, what more could a photographer ask for...
Happy birthday, Kayla!

Dear Ralph Lauren: If you need a model, look no further ;)
Sometimes it's hard to loosen that grip hehe...
They were so cute!