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Ava & Caitlyn 2/9/09

Today I shot my favorite little twins, Ava and Caitlyn. It fascinates me how these girls communicate with each other and their parents. This shoot was supposed to be a Valentine's Day gift/surprise for their daddy. However, he wanted to come home early so the surprise was no longer a surprise. Either way, I hope he loves his present! Here are some adorable shots to help melt your heart this Valentine's day!

The Barr Family photo shoot @ Pinecrest Gardens

We did a photo shoot for Shakira, Jamaien Barr and their adorable daughter Hannah at Pinecrest Gardens. Hannah is total daddy's girl and she is just absolutely precious! She definitely was a show stopper and quite the model. Shakira and I have known each other for years now and it was great to get together and catch up. Check out some of the killer images below of this beautiful family.

Downtown Miami

Veterans Day Ceremony at a grave yard

Yes, I know the title is creepy and it was definitely a creepy day. In South Miami there is a grave yard smack in the middle of a neighborhood. It is, for the most part, an above ground cemetery. They were having a remembrance ceremony to honor those fallen heroes who have passed. There was a lot of sad moments and the atmosphere was rather gloomy. In a strange way, it made for some good photographs...and here they are.

If you look closely or enlarge the image you can see a tombstone reflecting on the American flag.
This man's face was severely burned by a bomb.

God bless our troops!